Life at PMPL - Overview

Ever since inception, we at PMPL strongly believe that our employees are our biggest assets and form an integral part of our organization and business success. With this in mind, we provide our employees with the best working environment, allowing them to excel in their respective jobs thereby creating ample opportunities for each employee to grow with the organization. We also regularly conduct training programs to help our employees hone their personal skills, in order to perform the most challenging tasks with ease.

At PMPL “Performance Really Matters” which is why over the years we have evolved a robust performance management system that rewards employees purely based on their performance.

Apart from guiding our employees professionally, we also educate them on ways to lead a better life through our different Educational programs on Health and Hygiene, Information about Small Savings and Utility, practices of Pranayama and Yoga, awareness programs on HIV, Gynecology related issues etc. It has been a constant effort by PMPL to make sure that our employees enjoy a better standard of living through these educational programs and counseling sessions.

A testimonial of our success in managing people reflects in the numerous content & loyal employees that are serving the company over the years & have accomplished great feats both personally & professionally.

Browse through the other sections hereunder to get a better understanding on the Facilities & Safety Standards provided to our employees & more importantly of how much PMPL cares for them.

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