PMPL - Quality Assurance

Pradhan Mercantile Pvt Limited follows stringent quality processes as part of its commitment to offer the best to its clients. In order to achieve the highest quality standard and maintain the commitment, PMPL begins with the education and training of its employees and suppliers. They are made aware that their individual work significantly influences the performance of all of PMPL’s products. The process of continuous improvement includes providing them with knowledge of the products as well as internal processes and services.

Measures such as compliance with European Environment Policy (i.e. to comply with REACH standards), In-process Quality Audits and Testing are being adopted throughout the production processes and there is a continuous effort to achieve zero defects and manufacture environmental friendly products. All suppliers on board are expected to be certified and to use preventive techniques to continuously meet the requirements.

The quality system is designed to identify problems and measure the performance of the products during internal processes. Corrective actions focus on the prediction, prevention and elimination of defects and errors.

The company is currently following AQL (Accepted Quality Level) 1.5 in its production process.

The following are PMPL’s Quality Objectives:

  • All our products produced shall meet our Customer requirements.
  • Provide sufficient training to all our employees about Product knowledge, Safety, Social and Critical Control paths.
  • We shall ensure that all our products shall meet Legal and Social requirements including European Environment Policy (i.e. comply with REACH Standards)
  • We ensure our product shall meet Quality and Delivery requirements of our Customer by providing best services throughout the year.
  • Provide a safe working environment to all our employees.
  • Provide a rewarding environment to our employees to achieve our objectives.

  • Quality Process - Final Checking
  • Quality Process - Final Inspection
  • Quality Process - Metal Detector Inspection