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A Premier Men's Shirts Manufacturer

Pradhan Mercantile Pvt. Ltd. or PMPL, has been at the forefront of the apparel manufacturing industry for the past 25 years. With two manufacturing factories located in the Indian state of Karnataka; Malur & Tumkur to be precise, PMPL today services a host of international clients in Europe, North America, and many in India as well.

"The quality standards they hold us to is exacting," says Joint Managing Director Jamal Pradhan when asked about working with international clients. "But, we've refined our approach over the years, and now because of our ability to customize our delivery to meet their unique needs, we're one of the premier men's casual shirts manufacturers and exporters in India today."

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Commitment to Transparency

PMPL's firm commitment to transparency coupled with their deliver capability and ethical business practices have enabled them to time and again cement partnerships with a lot of well-known international retail chains and apparel importers.

From a production capacity standpoint, PMPL is clearly in a league of its own with an installed capacity of over 2 million pieces per annum. "There are few shirt manufacturing companies in India that can match us in production volume and quality" says Amir Pradhan - the head of Operations and Joint Managing Director.

Investment in Latest Machinery

Investment in the superior technology of the very latest in machinery has always been one of PMPL’s highest priorities. The right technology in the hands of an extremely skilled workforce, is a truly potent combination and this impressive combination of technology, know-how and people is easily visible on ground as well.

PMPL continues to evolve and is genuinely a world-class men's shirt manufacturing company. The products are available in a range of fabrics and with a host of value-adds such as embroidery, custom prints and more.

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Adapt, Improve, & Deliver

Asked about the future of the company in the years to come, both Jamal and Amir were clear that their focus would continue to be on making strategic investments in technology and the people to manage it. "We've built our reputation on being able to adapt, improve and deliver", says Jamal with Amir nodding in agreement. "We're going to be introducing a lot of innovations in the next 5 - 10 years, since we're mindful of the fact that we need to, to survive."

There are a lot of shirt exporters in Bangalore, but few with the forethought and the vision that have propelled PMPL into one of the best apparel manufacturers in India.